Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Internal Garden

I've just realized how hard it is to commit to a blog. Time has got away from me yet again. Thank goodness I don't work full time – I couldn't dream of doing all this online stuff. I'm really hating time at the moment, everything I do lately revolves around the clock; catching buses, crazy work deadlines, doctor appointments, chiro appointments, veterinary appointments, running errands for my partner, grocery shopping, household chores, etc, etc,'s a wonder I have any 'me' time at all. I think I need a change of scenery. A short getaway sounds good.

In the meantime, I'm trying to find ways to switch off, to still my mind. I remember a yoga teacher saying "Your mind is like a caged monkey" It's so true. The same thoughts can keep going round and round if you let them. It takes great discipline to sit in meditation and try to clear your head. The practice itself appears simple - just sitting still with your eyes closed - yet, to many, this is one of the most difficult challenges. Yes, we can all sit still, for hours even, in front of the television or at the computer. But to sit alone with oneself, with nothing but your thoughts, can be quite confronting. The feelings you try to ignore or push away, the bad or sad feelings, the unresolved feelings, have a way of surfacing during meditation. This isn't a bad thing, they need to come out, to be released. I've seen women start weeping during yoga relaxation, when their bodies are finally relaxed enough for them to tune into their emotional state. I've read that meditation is as good as therapy - confronting, resolving, strengthening and calming your internal world, nurturing your spirit. I like the simplicity yet transformative power of meditation. It's time I got back into it! I want to feel balanced and centred and internally calm, no matter what is happening in the external world.

My posts this week revolve around serenity, relaxation and regeneration. I've always visualised myself in a garden during relaxation, in the elemental surrounds of earth, wind, water and fire(sun). How humbling it is to think of forces greater than oneself, the very sources of life and renewal, and to feel connected to them, at one with nature.


  1. wow, how ownderful to see your beautiful work here too.
    i will link you on my blog.
    and thanks for sharing with me

  2. What absolutely lovely pictures!
    And I know about the "oh-dear-I-committed-to-a-blog-thought" ;-)