Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Australia Day!

Yes, January 26th is Australia Day. On this day in 1901, Australia became a federation with its own national government. Prior to this, Australia was a scattered cluster of colonies with no common purpose. Since 1901, we have been a commonwealth.
Australia day is a public holiday nationwide and most celebrate with a traditional backyard barbecue get-together. On my morning walk today, I noticed many houses proudly displaying the Australian flag. I have recently joined the Australian DUST team (down under street team) on Etsy, and never realized the amount of Etsy shops owned by Australians - at least 200! We even got a mention on the Etsy blog, the storque, today, in celebration of Australia day. There's so much talent here! To view click here!


  1. Happy Australia Day :) T.

    Thanks for reminding me to email my buddies in Oz :)

  2. Happy Australia Day! Even though it isn't the 26th here yet - I will have to celebrate tomorrow! (even though I am in no way Australian except for my funny brit accent!). Enjoy your day Stella!
    Hugs Anji XxX