Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Etsy DUST team - front page

Well I managed to find myself on the front page of the DUST team website. Unlike the Etsy front page, the DUST site constantly rotates their members' work, so everyone gets to be on the front page numerous times a week.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Australian DUST team, it is just one of the many teams of ETSY.
Etsy Teams are groups of organized Etsy members who network, share skills, and promote their shops and Etsy together. A Team forms around a shared location, crafting medium, or another interest. There are over 450 teams on Etsy! There is even an Etsy Hookers team - they share a love of crochet!

The DUST team are a very friendly, chatty bunch. One advantage of joining this team is that they are in the same time zone as me. When I post a message or list a new product in the middle of the day, I know all the Aussies are up and about, and not asleep on the other side of the world! To explore the DUST site, click here. Enjoy!


  1. Wish I were an Aussie so I could be on this team! Lovely blog and blog title.

  2. I am so happy for you Stella! I never sleep so maybe I should join this DUST team! Seriously, I am thrilled you are getting so much exposure - it's about time! Keep it up girl!
    Love Anji XxX

  3. Thanks Anji! I sometimes promote on the Etsy forums when I can't sleep, knowing that many oversesas Etsians are on-line!