Monday, April 26, 2010

Handmade from Crimson Circle Studios

I am venturing into handmade collage, and made these bookmarks about a month ago, just after registering my new shop. I must admit they were more time consuming than I thought they'd be, and once you've glued or rubbed down the elements, they're permanent–so lots of design pre-planning!

These bookmarks were inspired by dreamy fashion pics from my old magazine collection. They are made of sturdy cardstock, with various scrapbooking papers, rub-on embellishments, cut and hand colored photocopies, and finished with a long matching ribbon.

All are for sale at


  1. time consuming, but they look fab! i hope they sell wonderfully for all the hard work you put into them :)

  2. Thanks Naomi! You're very encouraging!

  3. beautiful bookmarks! i love your style!

    found you on etsy forums...please come visit me too!