Monday, June 28, 2010

Let's dance!!!

Yet again, my freelance (advertising) work has kept me away from my true passion - creating and sharing my art with you. Last week was one of my busiest work weeks yet, and I was suffering withdrawal symptoms from not doing my own thing.

Another favorite hobby of mine is dance. Yes it's true! I never got a chance to do any dance classes as a young girl, (art got in the way), so I do dancing as an adult. I sweat it out once a week doing adult jazz and tap classes. I must say, it's more fun than I first anticipated. I'm with a great group of ladies and we have a ball! We've even done a live performance in front of 400 people (last December). Now our the mid-year concert is a week away.

My wonderful dance teacher suggested I do up some postcards or promo material for my on-line shop to place on each table at the concert. I was going to throw a few business cards around, then I thought bookmarks might be better. (They're like business cards that you actually use.) So I came up with 8 designs, all with a dance theme, and all referencing the color crimson (to tie in with my business name.) I spent 2 days designing, and have until Friday to print, cut, and attach ribbon. It was fun, and I think they turned out well. My name and shop site are printed on the reverse side. It's amazing what one can do under a short time limit!