Thursday, February 24, 2011

Faded Lotus

Throughout my time as a graphic designer, I have been drawn to and very much inspired by Asian art and patterns. There's something about the order and restrained simplicity which I love. From calligraphy brush painting to Japanese woodcuts and beautiful colored etchings, ancient porcelain florals - it's all quite breathtaking.

I felt like creating some simple art which is purely based on  color, texture and pattern, nothing more. Just like my 'Life's Journey' pieces, this series is also influenced by a set of papers called 'Faded Lotus'. I just fell in love with these paper designs and colors, some exotic, some subdued, but all very Asian in patterning. It was fun experimenting with pure aesthetics and surface design, and not having to delve into the meaning of an art piece. I think all artists need to do this once in a while, take time to play, and see where the creative process takes you.
 These prints and many more available in my shop Crimson Circle Studios.