Monday, February 14, 2011

Angels & Churches

Well it's Valentines Day today here in Australia. I'm feeling a little guilty for not wishing my other half a happy Valentines day as he rushed off to work today. I totally forgot. But he knows I love him and think of him every day. My thoughts go out to another great man who will always be in my heart, my father. He passed away 6 months ago and I miss him dearly, terribly. I hope he's in a good place, wherever that may be, and feels no sorrow or pain, just love and contentment. I created the above montage as a tribute to my father using free images I collected over the internet. Below is the original angel image I used, as well as a few more inspirational photos. Feel free to download them and use them as you please. There is no copyright to them. Please don't sell them or pass them off as your own. Create artworks and collages with a positive energy for those you love.

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