Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Featured Artist – Elena Vizerskaya

Well, this Russian photographer literally blows me away! Thirty year old Elena Vizerskaya is not only a photographer but a very skilled manipulator of digital imagery with amazing creative vision. Her works range from dark to whimsical, fantasy to surrealism, and some of her concepts are downright unusual, but never boring! – a reflection of her inner world. I find her work very glamorous and edgy, borrowing from fashion, adding drama and sexiness. Like I said before, her ideas and concepts blow me away! It's one thing to envision an idea in your mind, but this lady has the skill to bring it to life and make it appear almost 3-dimensional.
In an interview, Elena mentions always having a camera handy to record anything and everything of interest, even perhaps milk or chocolate splatters, as in the pic above. She files away all her photos and will pull out certain images that she may want to experiment with as she creates each new piece. I dare say she does a lot of modelling shoots and probably stages many of the pics she takes. Experimenting with images seems to be key to her end results. I can relate to that. The beauty of digital is in the experimenting – saving many versions, tweaking, being able to return to the original, blending, painting, colourising, merging, isolating, distorting, flipping, rotating – the sky's the limit! And in this case, it seems Elena's imagination soars, boundless.
 View Elena Vizerskaya's portfolio of work here. Elena is also a contributer to the istock photography site. View her profile here. All photos are taken from the above links and are the exclusive copyright of Elena Vizerskaya. Please do not reproduce them or pass them off as your own.