Saturday, January 28, 2012

Creative Spaces - week 4

This craft enthusiast has a studio many artists would dream of! Complete with loads and loads of storage and built-in furniture, this lady has even found a beautiful floor rug to match the array of coloured boxes in the main cabinet.

I also love these neatly labelled drawers which hold an assortment of mosaic tiles!

A craft space to die for! See more here:

Friday, January 20, 2012

Creative Spaces - week 3

Well, what's not to like about this absolutely gorgeous creative space? From the beautiful butterfly chandelier to the wallpaper backdrop, this studio reflects the owner's flair for design and colour schemes. Bare in mind, this studio occupies the corner of a garage!
I look at this studio and feel a sense of peace and order. It is an uncluttered space with a harmonious colour palette. Subtle decoration that's not over the top!
I love the blend of the modern Ikea shelving plus designer style chair and the antique wooden sideboard with ornate mirror to the left. They all work so well together. This studio is a definite inspiration.

See more of this designer's studio here: ishandchi

Friday, January 13, 2012

Creative spaces - week 2

This beautiful light filled studio belongs to a designer from Berlin. I just love the tall windows and the casual, relaxed feel of this space. The neutral walls lend themselves to small splashes of colour. I could sit in here all day....
Here is a link to the artist's site:

Monday, January 9, 2012

From the studio - custom Artist cards

Well, I had the chance to do some custom work over the Christmas/New Year break. A fellow dance student asked if I could make some custom artist cards for friends in Russia! I was so excited! A variety of photos were emailed to me, and I chose the ones best suited for the small format artwork (64x89mm). I designed the digital component to include a frame around each portrait as well as a decorative background/foreground. Once the print-outs were adhered to sturdy backing board, I attached the 3D embellishments by hand.

One of the cards was for a family pet kitten called Mia!
All 3 cards include loops so they can be hung from a hook.
Each card was titled and dated on the back.
I hope the ladies enjoy their gifts all the way from Australia!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Creative Spaces

Now that I've started producing handmade Artist cards, I realise that my office/studio is no-where near good enough as a crafting room. Apart from a desk with a computer and printer, a bookcase and an expanding file, I have no real storage for my growing collection of beads, brads, crystals, fabric, paper, ribbon, flower embellishments, pendants, buttons, string etc. I have 2 medium-sized plastic tubs that are overflowing. Diving to the bottom of these to find a bag of beads isn't the most efficient way of creating handmade.
So........I'm on a quest to find the storage I need to create the perfect art space. Viewing other artists' creative spaces is so inspiring - it's amazing to see such variety, and some truly unique craft rooms - from attics to corner nooks to sheds and garages, all quite beautiful in their own way. On a weekly basis, I will be posting pictures of these spaces, in the hope of finding ideas for my own studio space.
This work space not only has a view but is complete with skylights!
Find out more about the artist and her wonderful style here: