Thursday, January 5, 2012

Creative Spaces

Now that I've started producing handmade Artist cards, I realise that my office/studio is no-where near good enough as a crafting room. Apart from a desk with a computer and printer, a bookcase and an expanding file, I have no real storage for my growing collection of beads, brads, crystals, fabric, paper, ribbon, flower embellishments, pendants, buttons, string etc. I have 2 medium-sized plastic tubs that are overflowing. Diving to the bottom of these to find a bag of beads isn't the most efficient way of creating handmade.
So........I'm on a quest to find the storage I need to create the perfect art space. Viewing other artists' creative spaces is so inspiring - it's amazing to see such variety, and some truly unique craft rooms - from attics to corner nooks to sheds and garages, all quite beautiful in their own way. On a weekly basis, I will be posting pictures of these spaces, in the hope of finding ideas for my own studio space.
This work space not only has a view but is complete with skylights!
Find out more about the artist and her wonderful style here:


  1. What a lovely open view! and a skylight, too! I am down in a basement...but it's all mine...all mine I tell ya, bwhahahaha. Here's pics of mine
    k, going down to my dungeon now....Have a Great Day!

  2. Thanks for the comment Cindi. You definitely have used every inch of space in your studio! I love that you love it - especially like the lazy susan and massage chair! - A must for every studio :)