Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Featured artist - Brian Dettmer

This artist has the patience of a saint!!!

I'm in awe and disbelief of his sculptural works and painstaking methods. Below are a few pieces of information and artworks I gathered online about this fascinating artist. Enjoy!

Brian Dettmer is an American contemporary artist. He is noted for his alteration of preexisting media—such as old books, maps, record albums, and cassette tapes—to create new, transformed works of visual fine art.

He approaches books with knives, tweezers, and blade-sharp ideas about the meanings of media and information. For over ten years, he has carved and reshaped old, used books, revealing new connections by slicing away segments of pages.

In his Atlanta studio, Dettmer transforms medical texts, art history tomes, military manuals, and more. It’s a painstaking process: He seals a book, then cuts into it from the front and works through it a page at a time. Sometimes he combines books into towers, blocks, or whorls.

Other works use single books, their layers turned into teeming, intricate visions. Dettmer only cuts away fragments of paper, rather than reordering or replacing them.

The resulting sculptures are beautiful objects in and of themselves. To me, Dettmer transforms the way we view old books, bringing much of the inside to the outside, an intricate snapshot of what each book held within.