Monday, February 10, 2014

Diminutive objects of beauty

My favourite piece of jewellery - the ring. Small it may be, but a ring says so much! This collection of beautiful rings from Etsy are to me, miniature works of art - little sculptures that you get to wear on your fingers. How perfectly complete! From bold and edgy, to glitzy and sparkling, intricate or minimal...the range of styles is as endless as the materials used by today's artisans. As for my style preferences when choosing a ring? I don't have any. If it fits on my finger, I want it! Below are some of my choice pieces from Etsy...all unique, all handmade. Click on the captions for a link back to the artisan and online shop. Enjoy!

Cubic zircon gemstone ring

Double Oyster ring

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  1. thanks so much for featuring one of my rings. so honored. lots of beautiful choices here.