Sunday, September 13, 2015

Craftapolooza Poster

Craftapolooza was a 2-day craft market which ran mid-June at Flinders Street Market (Adelaide). I was fortunate enough to design a poster for this event, but had to do it at very short notice with an amazingly crazy brief: Can you do a 'Mr Potato Head' riding a dinosaur and shooting lasers from a laser gun ??? asap?  Gaaah!!!

Designing a rough on computer was relatively easy compared to making the A3 finished piece. Somehow, 'Godzilla' came into mind, wreaking havoc over city buildings. Ray guns from 'Star Wars' and the giant spotlight over Gotham City in 'Batman the movie' also came to mind. Mr Potato head (already a patented toy) was changed to a tomato head, sporting a vintage bowler hat, moustache and Doc Martin boots! Spotted black fabric simulated the twinkly night sky, and threaded acrylic yarn became laser lights. Of course, the children's style dinosaur had to be fashionable - so I gave him a wonderful leopard print in reptilian green.

The final piece was scanned, colour-corrected and emailed to the market organisers who added the details of the craft event and arranged printing and distribution of the posters around the city.

Who knows? Mr. tomato head might feature in future works that I create.
I think he's a cutey :)

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